About Us

The natural, unspoiled beauty of the Malibu coastline and its laid-back aesthetic is the heart of 98% Angel Malibu. The vision for the children’s fashion label started over 20 years ago when the Shapiro family opened the 98% Angel children’s clothing store in the Malibu Country Mart.

 After graduating from FIDM in visual presentation, Zoe Shapiro and her mother Kathie set out to open a shop in their hometown, Malibu. Using ideas from her graduate thesis that focused on launching a children’s store, the 98% Angel shop was designed to appeal to local families and visitors seeking upscale apparel and accessories. Celebrities frequented the shop to get their micro-fashion style fix, including Cindy Crawford, Pink, Tori Spelling, and Courteney Cox, to name a few.

 While selling Stella McCartney and Baby Dior among other top brands to their loyal customers, Zoe and Kathie discovered a need for high-quality basics to pair with these designer labels. Realizing there was a void in the market for well-made, expertly cut basics for children, they set out to create their own label. Soon, 98% Angel basics were the best-selling items in the shop- children love the soft fabrics and easy fit. Encouraged by the success of their basics, 98% Angel ventured into fashion design.

 In spring 2015, 98% Angel made the difficult decision to close their shop at the Malibu Country Mart to focus on designing their own collection. With their keen eye for what works from a retail standpoint and knowing how to expertly mix and match styles for a cohesive collection, 98% Angel has its sights set on offering customers worldwide a taste of the Southern California beach lifestyle.

 Designed in Malibu, 98% Angel is proud to manufacture in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Manufacturing locally allows the family-run business to have more control over the process and ensure the quality meets their high standards. With reasonable price points and unparalleled quality, 98% Angel challenges the notion that “Made in the U.S.A.” isn’t practical.

 The 98% Angel collection is a reflection of the casual yet refined style found around Malibu, from the shores of Zuma Beach to the rugged mountain trails. The collection’s pieces are designed to easily go from a casual playdate to dinner at a beachside restaurant.

 Zoe’s young daughter, Mabel, contributes her own design ideas and provides valuable feedback on what children really want- soft, comfortable fabrics (nothing scratchy!), chic everyday designs for easy movement, and original screenprints.

 98% Angel’s name is based on the (generous) notion that children are 98% angelic and 2% mischief! We invite you to celebrate the inherent sweetness of childhood with our collection.

 We, at 98% Angel, look forward to serving you and making sure your child has stylish play clothing and is at their utmost comfort level.

  • To contact us please email:  98angel@98angel.com
  • Or call:  310-457-1988 (office)
  • Also call:  310-457-0880 (Trancas Store)